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Term 1 is done

So it has been a long term.

I have been in Mr Kirwan’s class. He has been funny.

We have done:

  • Heaps of art
  • I went to QLD( please be ok in Queensland)
  • I did a plt on gender equality

  • I am doing a genius hour on Nike
  • in Italian we made Easter baskets

We have had a really hectic term.

Week 8 Term 4

      This week I made my own website(I will put a link on my blog when I am finished setting it up).

The website has pieces of my work and 1 or 2 pieces of my art.

We also did memory books. This is where we write about all the years.

In inquiry we are doing our PLT , I am doing Ukraine and my partner jack is doing Spain( I did’t get to chose the boys did).

Over all I had a ok week.

How have you been?


In the last few weeks I have done a lot. such as:

Ozobots: the are a robot that moves by coloured lines

Gymnastics: for this term we are doing gymnastics for extra sport. there in bars and beam

Homework: there is must do, should do and could do.

Art: In art we did clay fish.

from Kirra

Solar Energy

Solar energy is made by the sun. Solar energy is collected by solar panels.

The solar panels have solar cells which make’s light to make electrons move. These electrons make electricity.

 People want solar energy because they save money and it’s helping stop global warming. When you get solar panels you save about 1/4 of your bill.




My Favourite Things to Do


REBEL                                                                        WIKIPEDIA


WIKIPEDIA                                                               PIXABAY


On  the April holidays I did lots of things.Some of the things i did where Bowling and Craft which I was Determined to  finish. I spent Easter Saturday with my  Family. We Gracefully rode our bikes around.  It was a Happy Day. I had a play date at the park with Molly ,Will ,James ,Emma and Erin. I saw the other Keira. I Liked the holiday. My sister was with me most of the holidays. She is Nice most of the time. On the 4th of April I went to a Gym/Circus holiday Program. It was the opposite of Quiet. Some of the days it Rained. At Healthways there is a Swimming pool. On Thursday the 6th of April I stayed Home and slept Under a blanket. On The holidays I also had a Vaccination because I’m going to Thailand soon and I Went for an X-ray. I Yelled  at my sister and she yelled back. I have seen Zootopia.

Overall I had a great time.

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