My Favourite Things to Do


REBEL                                                                        WIKIPEDIA


WIKIPEDIA                                                               PIXABAY


On  the April holidays I did lots of things.Some of the things i did where Bowling and Craft which I was Determined to  finish. I spent Easter Saturday with my  Family. We Gracefully rode our bikes around.  It was a Happy Day. I had a play date at the park with Molly ,Will ,James ,Emma and Erin. I saw the other Keira. I Liked the holiday. My sister was with me most of the holidays. She is Nice most of the time. On the 4th of April I went to a Gym/Circus holiday Program. It was the opposite of Quiet. Some of the days it Rained. At Healthways there is a Swimming pool. On Thursday the 6th of April I stayed Home and slept Under a blanket. On The holidays I also had a Vaccination because I’m going to Thailand soon and I Went for an X-ray. I Yelled  at my sister and she yelled back. I have seen Zootopia.

Overall I had a great time.



We just learnt that playing an electrical device before bed is very bad.

It can effect

  • concentration
  • memory
  • learning

This is how long me and my friend Jade thought should be used(for kids)

On Weekdays 9-11

On Weekends 8-10

and On Holidays No less than 8 (unless you are having a nap)

How long do you sleep for?


Hi everyone,

So for I have had a good time in seniors.

I have liked it so for.

I hope you have had a good time at school.


What is the Zika Virus


The Zika Virus is a mosquitoes. I t was first found on a monkey in the Zika forest in 1947 .Since then it has spread i to 30 countries. Some symptoms are a fever ,rash , sore jolts and an infected eye. Since then no one has bean found dead from the Zika virus.The mosquitoes that have the virus are normally tropical mosquitoes.


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